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Exsample of an Event

Positive HappeningsEdit

  • While sitting in the grass, a Fairy flutters next to you and hands you a pouch. Inside there are 500 wb's!
500 whuddle beans (gain)
  • A Fairy flutters by you and sees that you look awfully hungry. She hands you a cheeseburger to help curb your hunger. How nice!
A Cheeseburger
  • You stumble upon a beehive that looks partially abandoned. You pick up a piece of honeycomb to take with you.
  • While walking through Apple Acres, you spot a lovely butterfly wing. You pocket it to add to your collection of interesting things.
Monarch Wing
  • You spot something blue on the ground. Upon further investigation, you see that its a lovely feather. You put it your pocket to take with you.
A Blue Feather
  • A beautiful fairy flies past you, bestowing you with a beautiful daisy. How lovely!
  • While walking around Whuddleworld during the day, a bird swoops down and drops a Sunshine Sticker by you. I guess he wants you to share your good day with others.
FunBright Stickers - Sunshine
  • You have been looking for the Bazaar and you stop to rest under a nice shady tree. You wake up 2 hours later feeling refreshed.
Energy level upped
  • For being such a good Whuddle, a sprite gives you a treat!
Banana Popsicle
  • You find something laying on the ground and pick it up, better go see what it is!
Plastic Pod
  • You have received a Wooden Token. This is a ticket into the Bazaar when it comes to town. Keep it or sell it, your choice.
Wooden Token
  • Sweet! A chocolate chip cookie! Why not buy a carton of milk to wash it down with!
A Chocolate Chip Cookie

Season Happening

  • While out Christmas Shopping you Notice a complimentary plate of cookies set out by a shop keeper with a note that says 'Help yourself!'
Snowflake Sugar Cookie
  • While out Christmas Shopping you Notice a complimentary plate of cookies set out by a shop keeper with a note that says 'Help yourself!'
Snowflake Gingerbread Cookie

Negative HappeningsEdit

  • While Walking, you trip on a pebble. When you recover from the fall, you realize that you lost some Whuddlebeans.
25 whuddle beans (lost)
  • While running down the hill, you trip, spilling Whuddlebeans out of your pocket. Uh-oh, you are suddenly 100 Wb's poorer.
100 whuddle beans (lost)
  • You feel something wet hit you and look up just in time to see a bird flying by overhead. Ick!
Bird droppings on your head.
  • Oh no! It suddenly started raining and you step in a huge mud puddle! You better go get cleaned up! There appears to be mud all over your clothes.
Mud on your clothing (left leg) (right hip)
  • You find a picnic basket left at a Pine Park picnic table. You quickly eat the contents only to discover that they were spoiled. Your stomach suddenly starts to hurt.
Energy Level drop
  • You look up and notice a swarm of bees. You turn and run. Lose Energy.
Energy Level drop

Event & Holiday HappeningsEdit

Pickles EventEdit

  • While taking a walk you spot something shiny behind a rock. You bend over to pick it up and realize its a pickle. Hmmm...
Small Golden Pickle
  • Something shiny catches the sun and you see it out of the corner of your eye. You walk over to it and realize its a pickle. How odd!
Large Golden Pickle
  • There seems to be a small green object hiding behind a tuft of grass. You pick it up! It's a pickle...wonder how that got there...
Small Dill Pickle
  • There seems to be a shiny green thing hidden behind a rock. You carefully pick it up. Oh wow! It's a large pickle. Wonder why that's there?
Large Dill Pickle
  • While flying a kite you see something partially hidden behind a tree. You walk over to it and see it's an empty jar. You take it home in case it comes in handy later.
Empty Jar Of Pickles
  • While picking up your spilled whuddlebeans you catch a glimpse of a jar behind a bush. You reach in and pull it out and realize it's full of pickles!
Jar Of Pickles

  • You notice a bird flying closer and instinctively duck! in fear of the dreaded bird ick. Instead of the expected wet hit to the head, something soft and fluffy lands in your hair.
Cotton Ball